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Coaching You towards Bespoke Life Solutions

My role is to facilitate change in strict alignment with yourself. I won’t be giving you advice unless you specifically ask. How many times have you taken on advice only to discard it later? It’s as if you bought a spare part, convinced it would fit, you might even try various ways to make it fit, from coaxing to bribing to forcing yourself and eventually you give up and the piece finds itself discarded.

In our coaching session I invite you to look at what you want first, usually by using your own metaphors, because they represent your inner world so complete and perfectly well that nothing else comes even close.

“Clean Language” is a very effective listening and questioning technique. By going through the process most people are amazed how they find new insights, solutions that fit exactly their situation and sometimes “just” an understanding of their inner self. These results are incredibly powerful thanks to that perfect fit, no bribery, coaxing or force – it’s more like a simple and natural emergence of what’s true.

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 What clients are saying:

 “How lucky I am to have had Silke enter my life, if only for an hour. I feel like I have known her a life time after just one session. I have been struggling in life this year, on a career level, feeling increasingly angry and stuck, slamming my head against a brick wall! However, within 50 minutes of Clean Language with Silke, my perspective has quite literally been transformed. I feel I have found myself again – and how much easier it is to be that person again. I don’t know how it works, but it does! I can’t recommend Silke highly enough.” Paul Houghton

As a facilitator, I am always looking for models and techniques that will enhance the support I offer clients. While investigating Clean Language, I stumbled on Silke Gebauer’s website. What a gift!

I came to our trial session with a personal problem that seemed intractable. It was a recurring emotional pattern with a hidden source: some past belief I couldn’t uproot on my own. The Clean approach worked like magic in revealing the innocent misunderstanding that held the old pattern in place and moved me immediately into a more congruent state.

The process was gentle, enjoyable and refreshingly free of intellectual impositions. I felt safe to express myself with no inhibitions. Silke’s presence was warm, supportive and open, and she guided me with obvious skill and dedication to completion.

Since the session, there has been a subtle but significant change in my experience. The old pattern has gone and I am moving through life with greater ease.

It doesn’t get better than this! I warmly recommend Silke as an impeccable practitioner of Clean Facilitation. If you feel stuck, confused, or ready for more in life, a session with Silke is an excellent place to start.”  Lori S.